Learn Marketing, Crypto on the bitdegree.

Finding good places where you can get free education is difficult and many companies promise free training and certificate yet fail to deliver on their promise.

On bitdegree they have over 1000 courses ranging from social media, marketing, crypto with 98% of them free with free certificate.

I have been using bitdegree and earned 1 free certificate in marketing, I all so starting learning programming and how websites are built from HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Bitdegree has scholarships, code theory and a profile learning path so you can track you’re learning process.

Bitdegree has learn to earn on crypto so if you wanted free airdrops and learn about crypto you can get it all in one place, I find their training better then coinbase as they teach you in a simple in a understanding way.

You don’t have to learn fast and you can resume you’re training at anytime without failing you’re course.

The platform is good for all different ages groups with all educational levels and that’s why they have been in trusted news articles.

When you finished you’re training you will to give you’re full name so you can have the correct name on you’re certificate.

History of bitdegree

Bitdegree was founded in 2017 from co founder of electronic art jeff burton.

Bitdegree offering Blockchain base scholarship and all so gamified learning.

partnering up with the Center of Educational Technology of the University of Tartu, BitDegree is researching and developing next-generation technologies for interactive online course creation and supported by the European Regional Development Fund.

Bitdegree has had 2 014 000+

Students already enrolled they offer a 30 day money guarantee but even the free training is worth you’re time.

Click me Enrol in you’re free training now.



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