How shib is a safe investment where other Cryptocurrency are pump and dumps.

shib has long lasting potential unlike other Cryptocurrency it has utility. Having a world use is important with shib swap round the corner.

Even know shib has many more tokens then other Cryptocurrency swaps what sets it’s apart is having a big and growing community.

I see shib price in the next coming years being $8-$12.

Most other swaps are around that price and with new people learning about shib everyday.

If I was someone new to crypto I would Invest a little in to shib and watch it grow other time.

How to invest in shib for free and not lose your own capital.

Join coinbase watch videos and earn $34 for free.

Then I would transfer it to coininn using XLM.

You will be left with $28 then put that in to shib and nice free invest.

Then you won’t lose none of your capital.



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